Dear Friend,

The challenges our party faces now and have faced over the last few years have been well documented, but what have gone largely unnoticed are the successes we have had and the battles we are fighting every day.

Locally, Senator Argall and Representatives Twardzik, Knowels, and Kerwin are working every day to stop Governor Wolf’s massive tax hikes, to eliminate property tax, and serve the people of their districts, and we are all working hard to return control of the United States House and Senate to Republicans, the only way we can stop Biden. It is clear the voters are responding. Still we face challenges like never before from both inside and outside our party. How are we going to succeed? Only with your help!

You can Venmo your donation to our Schuylkill Republicans Account. Join us as we continue to fight for those Republican values that unite us.

  • Smaller Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Family Values
  • Right to Bear Arms

Please consider joining us.

In service to our party and nation,

Howard Merrick
Chairman, Schuylkill County Republican Committee